Monday Monday Monday

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Here is what we have going on today.  Dig in and have fun.

CrossFit Orenda
3810 166th Pl. N.E. #106
Arlington, WA 98223


Monday CrossFit
10 Pass Throughs
10 Barbell Power Snatches
10 Barbell Over Head Squats
Banded Lat Stretch
Runners Stretch
3 x Through
Snatch (1X1)
Take 15-20 minutes to work up to a heavy, but not necessarily 1-RM Snatch
Metcon (Weight)
Every minute, on the minute, for 20 minutes, perform:
3 Snatches
6 Burpees

Score the total amount (in lbs) successfully snatched during the workout. You choose the weight you’d like to use. If you do not complete a set within the assigned 60 seconds, go ahead and finish the set and then sit out the remainder of the set that you overlapped.