CrossFit Preschool

Whiteboard: 2-3 minutes

Focus: 3-5 minutes
Squat – Where to place the feet

Warm-Up: 2-3 minutes
Patty Cake Sprint
Kids have a partner and play patty cake game-upon finishing the partners run a lap around a designated area.

AMRAP 3-5 minutes
Hopscotch – max 3 reps of each exercise
Draw a hopscotch grid with chalk. Fill spaces with
Squats * Pushups * Tuck Jumps * Lunges- Can use duplicates exercises in the grid
Kids take turns throwing a bean bag – hops through the grid – picks up bean bag and does 3-5 of the exercise that the bean bag landed on

GAME: 5 minutes
Bar and Ring Play
**Safety Tip: Make sure that a trainer is always hands-on during the Bar and Ring play. Have a crash mat underneath.**

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